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22A Hillcrest St, Tempe NSW 2044

Dee Why

888 Pittwater Rd, Dee Why NSW 2099

Parramatta Station

30 Cowper St, Parramatta NSW 2150

Parramatta CBD

100 George St, Parramatta NSW 2150

North Parramatta 1

93 Gladstone St, North Parramatta NSW 2151

North Parramatta 2

43 Bourke St, North Parramatta NSW 2151


128 Banks Avenue, Pagewood NSW 2035


Embark on a transformative early learning journey with our distinguished centres located across Sydney. Our commitment to excellence is showcased through the implementation of the renowned ‘Reggio Emilia Approach’ – a cutting-edge educational system crafted for the unique developmental needs of children aged 6 months to 6 years.

Rooted in the educational philosophies of luminaries like Loris Malaguzzi and inspired by the dynamic Reggio Emilia community in Australia, our curriculum is meticulously designed in accordance with the principles outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework. The synergy of these influences forms the foundation for a rich, co-constructed learning experience that not only fosters enjoyment but also lays a robust groundwork for each child’s potential.

Spread across diverse Sydney neighbourhoods, our centres provide an inclusive environment where we recognize and celebrate the exceptional capabilities inherent in every child. Our vision extends beyond location boundaries, aspiring to see each child within our network reaching for the stars. A positive and engaging learning environment remains at the core of our mission, ensuring that every centre, regardless of its Sydney locale, contributes to the holistic development and future success of the children under our care.

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Our Enhancement Programs


Reggio Emilia Childcare Centres | Home

Our educators keenly observe and discern the unique interests of each child, crafting engaging projects tailored to these individual passions. Subsequently, these projects are thoroughly explored within the enriching learning environments of our educational settings.

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Reggio 5

Reggio Emilia Childcare Centres | Home

At the heart of our program is the unique Reggio Emilia curriculum, serving as the bedrock upon which we organise and craft all our learning activities. The entire Reggio 5 program is facilitated by external providers, contributing their expertise to infuse delightful and enriching experiences into our centres for all the children to enjoy.

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Regular Incursions

Reggio Emilia Childcare Centres | Home

Along with our monthly Centre events, Reggio Emilia offers a range of incursions that promote the interest, growth and development of your child.

Our Centres

Take A Tour And Talk With One Of Our Friendly Team About Your Personal Child Care And Education Requirements

Reggio Emilia Childcare Centres | Home

Child Care Subsidy Calculator

This estimator has been developed by Reggio Emilia ELC to give you an idea of how much Child Care Subsidy you could expect to receive from July 10, 2023.

The Reggio 5

In addition, our Program is enhanced by extracurricular enrichment activities known as the Reggio 5. These are:

Reggio Emilia Childcare Centres | Home
Reggio Emilia Childcare Centres | Home

Through exploration of a wide range of art works, styles and techniques, children learn how to observe and translate their thoughts into the 100 languages. This allows your child to listen and respond to multiple perspectives.

Reggio Emilia Childcare Centres | Home

An innovative program that teaches children to love physical activity, develop motor and co-ordination skills and stresses the importance of being healthy. Dancing, Yoga, Soccer, Martial Arts and sport skills are taught.

Reggio Emilia Childcare Centres | Home

Music ignites all areas of the child’s development and skills for school readiness: Intellectual, social and emotional, fine/gross motor, language and overall literacy. It helps the body and mind to work together, allowing your child to learn and practice self-expression.

Reggio Emilia Childcare Centres | Home

Rapid growth occurs in the language centres of the brain during the early childhood years. To support this growth and development, your child will be taught French as part of the curriculum.
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Reggio Emilia Childcare Centres | Home

Early childhood educators have a powerful ‘window of opportunity’ to play an active and significant role’ in assisting young children and families to understand sustainability issues, concepts and practices. Your child will further develop their awareness of their impact on the environment and ways to minimise it.

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Thanks for taking the time to consider coming to see us. We would love to arrange a tour so that we can meet you and better understand your family’s needs.

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Understanding the ‘100 Languages of Children’

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Celebrating Children’s Voices: How the Reggio Emilia Approach Encourages Self-Expression

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Our Happy Parents


We couldn’t be happier with this childcare. The staff is caring, experienced, and attentive. Our child’s development has flourished in this nurturing environment. The facility is clean and safe, and communication with parents is excellent. A truly wonderful place for our little one to grow and learn.


I have both children in the centre and have worked with the company since opening and love the bond my children have with all the educators within the centre. They treat both kids like their own!!


My daughter is always happy there and i know she is in good hands. Excellent communication , transparency, good relationship with the kids, safety & yummy food.


From the very initial experience, we were treated with such a high level of customer service and it gave us such confidence that our little girl would be well cared for.
The management staff and educators are so attentive and give lots of love and care to the kids.

What's Up @ ReggioEmilia?

Reggio Emilia Childcare Centres | Home
Reggio Emilia Childcare Centres | Home
Reggio Emilia Childcare Centres | Home
Reggio Emilia Childcare Centres | Home
Reggio Emilia Childcare Centres | Home