Parental Involvement

We love our Parramatta community getting involved in the day to day events in our child care centres. That’s why parents are alwayswelcome to come into the Centres and share their many talents with the children and our team members. Parent Input and Participation Sheets are available in each room’s Parent Communication Hub.

Yarning Circle

Each day, in our Parramatta child care centres educators and children meet for a ‘Yarning Circle’. There, they talk about what they have learnt, things they would like to learn about, discuss their current projects and make decisions on the learning opportunities to be made available for the day.


Our projects aren’t chosen by the teachers – rather, they are discussed with then agreed upon with the children. Educators identify children’s interests, then explore them in detail.. Play is another opportunity to learn. Fun and play are both incredibly important parts of your child’s learning process, so we design our projects around an engaging concept that has them learning while they play. Projects are documented in a variety of forms, so we can make the learning progress visible to the families, educators and the Parramatta community. Every child who completes our child care centre program takes home a beautiful portfolio that highlights their unique and individual learning journey.

The Reggio 5

In addition, our Program is enhanced by extracurricular enrichment activities known as the Reggio 5. These are:

Through exploration of a wide range of art works, styles and techniques, children learn how to observe and translate their thoughts into the 100 languages. This allows your child to listen and respond to multiple perspectives.

An innovative program that teaches children to love physical activity, develop motor and co-ordination skills and stresses the importance of being healthy. Dancing, Yoga, Soccer, Martial Arts and sport skills are taught.

Music ignites all areas of the child’s development and skills for school readiness: Intellectual, social and emotional, fine/gross motor, language and overall literacy. It helps the body and mind to work together, allowing your child to learn and practice self-expression.

Rapid growth occurs in the language centres of the brain during the early childhood years. To support this growth and development, your child will be taught French as part of the curriculum.

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Early childhood educators have a powerful ‘window of opportunity’ to play an active and significant role’ in assisting young children and families to understand sustainability issues, concepts and practices. Your child will further develop their awareness of their impact on the environment and ways to minimise it.

These enhancement programs are delivered by specialist teachers visiting the Centre on a scheduled basis.

Reggio Language

Preschool program

As your child begins to approach four years of age, your family will be faced with the challenging decision of where to enrol your child for their all-important Kindergarten/Preschool year. This year will prepare her/him for their critical first year of school.
The fundamental basis of our Program is the curriculum. This provides the framework in which all of our learning activities are structured and implemented.
These activities are delivered by registered qualified teachers and educators using interest based learning, with specific learning contexts that are designed to maximize and extend on learning outcomes for all children.
Our objective is to ensure that each and every child that graduates from our Kindergarten/Preschool Program is fully equipped with the appropriate tools required for your child’s next step into big school.
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