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Reggio Emilia Childcare Centres | Orientation


At Reggio Emilia Early Learning Centres, we know that the first day of any schooling is stressful, both for the child and the parent families. That’s why we have a tried and tested routine to help everyone settle in as quickly as possible.

Orientation Visit
As part of your enrolment at Reggio Emilia, we encourage families to bring their child into our centre for a single orientation visit before their first day. This allows for your child to become familiar with their new surroundings, and meet their educators and peers. It also allows the child (and you) to gain an understanding of the routine for the day.

To understand how orientation works. Families must pay the bond, complete an enrolment form and return it to the centre within 48 hours of acceptance before orientation can take place. It is recommended that a child attends the orientation session of approximately one hour in the week before commencing care.

Families must book the orientation session to ensure an educator is available to spend time with them and talk about the environment and routines. Families must sign in and out on the visitor log on arrival and departure and should stay in the room with their child to familiarise themselves with the environment and routines and to support their child in becoming comfortable.

The Orientation child is not to be included in the ratios until the official start date of service. Parents and Families will take full responsibility for their children during the orientation. Children should bring a labelled water bottle, hat and a bag to the orientation visit to familiarise them with placing the bag in their locker.

During the visits encourage your child to join in an activity in the room and use positive and encouraging phrases, e.g. ‘Wow, it’s lots of fun here.’ The Pod Room Leader/Educator will discuss your child’s routines, requirements and areas of learning you want educators to focus on with you and will record additional information on the prefilled New Child in Care form for use in the room.
Please contact the centre before your child’s commencement to arrange a suitable time and day for orientation.

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First Day at our Centre

Preparing for the first day at our child care centre

Reggio Emilia Childcare Centres | Orientation
Reggio Emilia Childcare Centres | Orientation

First Day at Our Centre

  • On your child’s first day, bring your child into their enrolled classroom
  • If possible, it’s best to make your child’s first day at the centre shorter than usual. This will help to ensure a smooth and happy transition
  • An Educator from your child’s room will welcome you and your child and introduce you to the other Educators & children
  • Allow your child some time to stand and watch. They may not feel ready to join in straight away and will need to do so at their own pace
Reggio Emilia Childcare Centres | Orientation
Reggio Emilia Childcare Centres | Orientation

The Educator will show you:

  • Where to put your child’s bag
  • KIOSK sign in/out
  • Parent Communication Book
  • Information Areas

What to bring

What to bring

  • Changes of spare clothing suitable for both warmer and cooler months
  • Spare changes of underwear (please allow for more changes if your child is toilet training)
  • Sun hat
  • Backpack
  • Enclosed Shoes – no thongs or open toed shoes are allowed
  • Drink bottle

For our younger children

  • Milk Bottles (either empty or filled with sterilised water)
  • Comforter for sleep time i.e Blanket
  • Dummy (stored in a small plastic container with your child’s name clearly labelled)
  • Formula divided out into individual servings
  • For children with sensitive skin, you may need to provide your own nappies/wipes
  • Nappy Rash Cream which needs to have a Chemist Label with your Child’s full name
  • Cot sized sheet (no pillows as this is a SID’s risk)
Reggio Emilia Childcare Centres | Orientation
Reggio Emilia Childcare Centres | Orientation